Assault and other Crimes of Violence

Assault and other Crimes of Violence

A “Crime of Violence” is a crime in which the defendant used, or possessed and threatened the use of, a deadly weapon during the commission or attempted commission of any crime committed against an elderly person or a person with a disability or a crime of murder, first or second degree assault, kidnapping, sexual assault, robbery, first degree arson, first or second degree burglary, escape, or criminal extortion, or during the immediate flight therefrom, or the defendant caused serious bodily injury or death to any person, other than himself or herself or another participant, during the commission or attempted commission of any such felony or during the immediate flight therefrom. A “Crime of Violence” is also any unlawful sexual offense in which the defendant caused bodily injury to the victim or in which the defendant used threat, intimidation, or force against the victim.

Being charged with any “Crime of Violence” is a very serious matter. If convicted, it requires the Court to sentence the defendant to a mandatory term in the state prison. No probation, intensive supervised probation, or community corrections are allowed. In addition, the Court must sentence the defendant to prison for a term of years equal to the midpoint of the normal range,  up to twice the normal range for that class of offense. This sentencing requirement can give the District Attorneys leverage in the case and make them even more aggressive.

People charged with “Crimes of Violence” need an experienced, aggressive attorney, knowledgeable in the defense of these cases. Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Allin is that attorney. He has the expertise and knowledge you need on “Crimes of Violence” cases. He also has particular knowledge and experience with self-defense cases and weapons cases. He has argued weapons self-defense issues before the Colorado Supreme Court. He was asked to serve on the Larimer County Sheriff’s advisory board on Concealed Carry. He is an IDPA competitive shooter and black belt in Shorinryu Karate.

Criminal Lawyer Brad Allin has the knowledge, background and experience to effectively defend your case. His 30 + years of experience gives him the edge over other lawyers. He can objectively evaluate your case and provide you with the most viable options.  He will take on your case with full knowledge of the law and the Northern Colorado court systems. He will provide you a strong defense and achieve the best outcome on your case.

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