How to Protect Your Driver’s License

How to Protect Your Driver’s License

You Need a Fort Collins DUI Lawyer Who Will Work to Protect Your Driver’s License

For many in Northern Colorado, the most far reaching and damaging consequence of a DUI arrest and charge is the loss of their driver’s license. For most, public transportation is just not a viable option for getting back and forth to work or school. Losing your driver’s license can put a serious cramp in anyone’s lifestyle. That’s why Fort Collins DUI defense attorney Brad Allin will work hard to help you retain your driving privileges. 

Fort Collins DUI defense lawyer Brad Allin has more than 30 years’ worth of experience working with DUI cases in the Northern Colorado court systems. He knows the law, the DMV, and the courts inside and out, and he knows what it will take for you to keep your license or to have your driving privileges reinstated as soon as possible.

When you’ve been arrested for DUI, it is critical that you contact Fort Collins DUI defense attorney Brad Allin right away. You have a very limited window of opportunity in which you can act to fight the revocation of your driver’s license (typically seven days). Once that period has passed, regaining your driving privileges becomes significantly harder.

Fort Collins DUI defense attorney Brad Allin offers a free initial consultation for all DUI cases. Don’t wait. Call the office of Fort Collins DUI defense attorney Brad Collins, Attorney at Law, right away. Your continued driving privileges may depend on it.

How a Colorado DUI Charge and Conviction Affects Your Driving Privileges

As soon as you are arrested for DUI in Colorado, the court system and the Dept. of Motor Vehicles are required to take action. You are entitled to a hearing regarding the revocation of your driver’s license, but you must request a hearing within seven days. If you don’t, the legal system will assume that you have waived your right to a hearing.

If you request a hearing, it will generally be scheduled within 60 days of your request. On occasion, the deadline may be extended at the request of the officer who arrested you.

If the police officer who arrested you and filed the Affidavit and Notice of Revocation fails to show up for your hearing, that can result in the dismissal of all actions against your driving privileges. You don’t even need to attend the hearing if you choose not to. Your Fort Collins DUI defense attorney can appear on your behalf with or without you.

Factors in Determining License Revocation for Colorado DUI Cases

There are a number of factors that come into play when the courts decide whether to revoke your license and for how long. These include:

  • Your age at the time of offense
  • How many times you have been convicted of DUI
  • How many times your license has been revoked
  • Whether you have a commercial driver’s license
  • Compliance with the mandated ignition interlock

Your driving privileges are at stake. Make sure you have an experienced, thorough lawyer in your corner who will fight to retain your rights. Contact Fort Collins DUI attorney Brad Allin today.


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