Anonymous Informants

The police were called to a disturbance at a motel based upon information from any anonymous informant. They arrived one minute later and observed two men standing in the parking lot.  They did not see any violations of the law occurring.  When the officers arrived, they activated their overhead red and blue lights despite the …

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The client filed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, traveling through the stop sign at about 5 mph.  Officer saw common signs of marijuana impairment and the client admitted to smoking two hours earlier.  The client also performed roadside sobriety maneuvers which were not done in a manner “consistent with sobriety”.  …

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DA Dismissed Case

Client was stopped for speeding.  Had an odor of alcoholic beverage and exhibited balance problems, including stumbling.  The client refused roadside sobriety maneuvers and the blood or breath test.  Unfortunately, the client had two priors so the only offer from the DA was plea of guilty to DUI with a jail sentence of up to …

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